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Michelle Dickson
61A East Coast Road

Caster Bay

Auckland 0620

Wayne McDougall

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P.O.Box 58429
Auckland 2163

Ministry Advisory Group For Gifted Education

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Brooke Trenwith Melanie Wong Fiona Wakefield Tristan Pang Alanagh Stone Helen Luxford

Lynn Berresford, Kate Niederer, Rose Blackett, Vanessa White

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Ministry Advisory Group for Gifted Education

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    Mel Wong

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    Brooke Trenwith

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    Helen Luxford

    Please note that any fundraising that NZAGC is doing will be announced on this site. Many NZ charities are being targeted by a phishing email scam to get people to buy scratch cards as a fundraiser.
    If it is not mentioned on this site then please delete the email and do not reply.

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