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New Zealand Association for Gifted Children

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our AIMS

NZAGC will champion the cause of gifted children at home, in their schooling and beyond.

2.2 Vision
NZAGC will foster the educational and social development of gifted children through the achievement of a climate in which giftedness is recognised, understood and accepted as a valuable human attribute and in which the special needs of gifted children are met fully, effectively and with generosity.

2.3 Objectives
NZAGC, through the National Council, shall set short term and long term objectives. The objectives for which NZAGC is established are specified below and shall be restricted at all times to operations within New Zealand.

Goal 1
To raise public and professional awareness and understanding of giftedness as the essential platform for the recognition and fulfilment of the needs of the child.

Goal 2
In keeping with the principle of equity, to promote improved provisions to ensure gifted children receive an education appropriate to their abilities and needs.

Goal 3
To support families belonging to the organisation, to empower them in their decision making and family life, in relation to their gifted child.

Goal 4
To support educators belonging to the organisation to empower them in their decision making and teaching of the gifted child.

Goal 5
To provide and promote access to information and resources regarding giftedness and gifted children to relevant individuals and groups.

Goal 6
To pro−actively manage a national organisation that will enable the NZAGC to fulfil its mission statement efficiently and effectively.

Goal 7
To encourage research into giftedness.

Goal 8
To encourage end actively support branches in meeting members needs.

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